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EXTENTOOL have a Party for 2018[ 01-20 21:19 ]
On Jan 18, we had an Annual Meeting and welcome party for 2019 with our team, and some of the family members.
instruction of water fed pole & car washer machine[ 07-29 09:01 ]
water fed pole Window Cleaner Poles window cleaner
How does the water fed pole system work and why use it[ 07-15 09:00 ]
water fed pole system telescopic pole
window washing extension pole system[ 07-10 14:48 ]
window washing extension pole carbon fibre water fed pole
Out of the outdoors, through the water fed pole system sold[ 07-07 15:11 ]
follow-up we will be based on different market demand targeted launch of the personality of the VI color; update the experience of upgrading the product. The water fed pole system made of a business card, "found love, create beauty" to build a green home concept to guide our products and services.
Jolech water fed brush help the new socialist new rural energy clean work[ 07-07 14:59 ]
water fed brush a good solution for new energy quipment clean
Orientjohn fruit picker join together with the people of Nigeria to create a better life[ 07-07 14:51 ]
fruit picker
Company's trip[ 07-04 10:07 ]
fruit picker garden tools
Fruit picker for Waxberry[ 06-24 21:37 ]
Fruit picker for Waxberry When the first Telescopic Pole was manufactured 7 Years ago, NO one knows we will produce extension tools such as Fruit Picker for waxberry. Especially we're living in a City where plant Waxberry Tree Garden. Specially there is a...
other garden tools-- fruit picker[ 06-19 09:42 ]
fruit picker can citrus fruit , cherry fruit picker
The Extentool "Water Fed Brush" series of products to help "The Belt and Road" clean energy development, Pratt & Whitney million people,Long Water Flow Brush,Cleaning Tools[ 06-17 10:55 ]
"Create beauty and love" is a strong deep cleaning tools, we will be committed to the development of the human health good vision, helping countries along the The Belt and Road"" development strategy, to build better homes.
Knowledge of Household cleaning tools[ 06-17 10:01 ]
Household cleaning tools include flat mop, Spray Mop and spin mop
How to clean the solar panels[ 06-17 09:06 ]
cleaning tools cleaning panels
A Letter To The Customer[ 05-27 10:31 ]
water fed pole brush
Sixty coupe to open the road to start a government department rushing to cooperate with him[ 05-26 17:17 ]
Zhang was 65 years old, after retirement has been free at home, children work in the field, would have been some of the days of patronage, but this year has happened one thing, and instantly let Zhang became around the "online star".
Professional Garden tools fruit picker[ 05-05 13:30 ]
garden tools fruit picker
carbon fiber telescopic pole is a better choice[ 04-17 15:00 ]
It is a better choice because of its higher strength and lighter weight than aluminum or steel pole.
Innovation on water fed pole window cleaning kits[ 04-05 11:36 ]
After learn how the Cleaner to clean Solar Panel and High Window, Extentool insist on developing new Cleaning Tool, as my colleague has recommended most of the application for our Water Fed Pole cleaning kits. As the product designer, I would like to explain a litt...
High altitude window cleaning kits[ 04-01 10:09 ]
1 telescopic aluminum pole can adjust the length to fit with the different requirements. 2.design with the button can spin 180 degree to suit for any angle.
water fed pole window cleaning kits[ 03-31 10:01 ]
water fed pole window cleaning kits water fed pole systems
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