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Company relocation notification[ 11-04 15:44 ]
New plant Address: 1#, HanMa Rd. Linpu, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China . My company will be in the new office since instant. Since the company moved the inconvenience, we apologize, and hope you continue to give us concern and support.
Professional Fruit Picker[ 05-15 21:02 ]
Proffesional Fruit Picker Customer   
Welcome to Canton Fair Carbon fiber telescopic pole[ 04-11 14:27 ]
Warmly welcome your visit to our Booth 16.3-G17  during Canton Fair 15-19 April, 2017.    Canton Fair with a long history since  
More Demands for Fruit Picker[ 03-16 16:51 ]
 More Demands for Fruit Picker EXTENTOOL is specializing in developing Application for Kinds of Telescopic Pole. As growing business for Water Fed Pole which is the most successful products we've developed already, then after such application, we got man...
company specializing in the production of telescopic pole[ 03-02 13:02 ]
telescopic pole and cleaning products. We will provide the customized service and the professional after-sales service.
Telescopic pole brush for Solar pannel cleaning[ 01-06 22:01 ]
 Telescopic pole brush for Solar pannel cleaning As a Green and Popular Power supplement, solar Pannel is widely used in many counties, including in China. Then our product Telescopic Pole Brush would be widely needed as well for those Solar Pannel owner...
From Telescopic Pole Manufacturer to Supplier[ 12-14 14:17 ]
 From Telescopic Pole Manufacturer to Supplier Our company Hangzhou Orientjohn Industry established in 2011, have already passed over 5 years developement. What our major business is produce Varieties of Telescopic Poles. At the business operation ...
Sweeping method of cleaning tool[ 11-25 16:33 ]
Cleaning operation, should be based on dust, garbage and the different areas of the appropriate sweep method
Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole increasing demand[ 11-10 23:02 ]
 Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole increasing demand In 2016, we have gotten many orders for Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole, as the most costly material in Telescopic Pole industry, we normally know Carbon Fiber is the material for Fishing Pole and some photogr...
carbon fiber pole with telescopic tubing[ 11-10 09:10 ]
when carbon fiber come across the telescopic tubing
Window cleaning Pole Industry status[ 11-04 22:01 ]
 Window cleaning Pole Industry status Nowadays, to
Increasing Demand for Fruit Picker[ 10-29 08:43 ]
 Increasing Demand for Fruit Picker In my childish, my family planted many fruit trees in our garden, like pear, orange, 
Demand growing for Fiberglass Telescopic Pole[ 10-21 22:03 ]
New brushes for water fed pole[ 10-14 09:08 ]
New products.New experience!
Fiberglass Extension Pole Market Analysis[ 09-23 20:26 ]
Extension Pole Market Situation analysis As a professional Extension Pole manufacturer for over 10years experience, EXTENTOOL have been biulding up industry advantage in extension pole line. As we know Extension pole are widely used in painting and cleaning ...
Water Fed Pole Product exhibition in Shanghai[ 04-04 20:37 ]
 Water Fed Pole Product exhibition in Shanghai
Do You Know How Many Kind Of Flat Mop?[ 09-24 14:16 ]
Flat mop clean the floor thoroughly, and can be applied to various materials floor, widely welcomed by all of us  According to the different way of the combination of the flat mop's floor and replaced head,which can be roughly divided into three ca...
Spin Mop And The Difference Between Ordinary Mop[ 09-22 15:44 ]
The characteristics and advantages of Spin Mop
Where Will You Choose TO Buy Flat Mop?[ 09-15 15:59 ]
Our company Is located in the top 10 counties in xiaoshan xintang industrial park, the geographical position is superior, the west is only 2 kilometers from the hangzhou train station and xiaoshan city, east of hangzhou xiaoshan airport 15 kilometers, and to a...
Jolech 12 Rodiac Signs Mop[ 07-10 13:26 ]
 Do you know the story of about the constellation? today We are here to talk about constellation! On the western astrology, 12 zodiac sign is synonymous with the universe orientation, when a person is born, all the stars fall into the position of the ecl...
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