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Experience of the extension pole[ 09-25 09:48 ]
Telescopic rod in the domestic market is not big, generally sold to foreign countries, it has the multi-function purposes, a extension pole can be to multi-purpose, at the top of the standard American thread headcan match roller brush /glass cleaning /mop head and so on ,it is very popular in the field of household cleaning.
The telescope Pole ,the superman of hose cleaning[ 09-22 16:46 ]
telescopic poles,solve your problem of cleaning
Extension Pole[ 09-19 13:36 ]
Extension Pole aluminum, iron, glass fiber, carbon fiber rod.
Extentool's The entrepreneurial stories on CCTV[ 09-18 19:30 ]
The founder of EXTENTOOL Mr. John attend a programm on CCTV, where he tells his Entrepreneurial stories about how Extentool grow into a Brand Operation company.
Promotion news for Telescopic Pole Manufacturer[ 09-12 22:29 ]
 Promotion news for Telescopic Pole Manufacturer
Telescopic pole product research and development[ 08-31 14:47 ]
This is the first time with the Australian customer design research and development of new products, increase the application field of telescopic pole
Jolech Operation Team Training[ 05-20 11:11 ]
 Jolech Operation Team Training
6 Sections Telescopic Pole Developed for USA Customer[ 04-22 19:38 ]
 6 Sections Telescopic Pole Developed for USA Customer
My Costomer[ 04-01 14:53 ]
 My India customer Sunpuri visited our factory on March 27. He is interested in our product of water fed pole and    telescopic pole. He is to the local power plant to develop new products.       He was satisfied with water ...
Water fed pole[ 04-01 14:53 ]
water fed pole and telescopic pole are mainly product of our company
New Products Received High Prise[ 12-09 15:05 ]
New products received high prise
Jolech Public Welfare Activity[ 11-19 11:12 ]
Jolech Operation Team attended a Public Welfare Activity last weekend led by Founder Mr. John Liu
Jolech Brand Drag Handle Spin Mop[ 09-26 21:03 ]
  Jolech Drag Handle Spin Mop In cleaning Tool market, there are many kinds of Spin Mops, here let me introduce one of Jolech Spin mop which has below advantages:    
Why Choose Aluminum Mop?[ 07-16 15:21 ]
 In recent years the aluminum mop rod more and more sales, pushing in commercial dust, wax drag, drag the field of use, from initial annual output of 300 tons to now with an annual output of 2000 tons, with a volume of breakthrough So why dose most peopl...
A Good Jolech Mop[ 07-06 10:18 ]
  It has been raining all these days in Hangzhou. JOLECH Professional aesthetic mop here Remind everybody rainy days on slippery, pay attention to safetY.   I think it is very important to have a good Mop, a good mop not only can save your time also...
Jolech Employees To Participate In China And Germany Business Meeting Of The Silk Road On Foot Desert Challenge[ 06-29 20:57 ]
Jolech employees to participate in China and Germany Business Meeting of the Silk Road on foot Desert Challenge Have the opportunity to sign up to participate in this challenge, Huayi Jiang brothers and sisters are rooting for you here! Net Lucky Brand - aesthetics mop leader, the main home of bamboo fiber special cleaning tools, mainly flat mop, PVA mop, spin mop, mop one sweeping electric, automatic vacuum cleaner, high-altitude cleaning brush, car washing brush through the water main strange new cleaning tools, from Germany's technical
Summer Fun: FREE Family Exploring[ 06-08 17:50 ]
Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We always tell our kids “go play outside,” so they go ride their bikes or play baseball at the park, but that is not all that the outdoors have to offer!
Telescopic Rod A New On-line of A Pole - Has Applied for Patents![ 05-25 22:15 ]
Telescopic rod a new on-line of A POLE - has applied for patents! There is no good way to clean glass? Is there a good tool standing on the ground to complete the high-rise glass clear Wash? Hangzhou Orientjohn Industrial Co., Ltd., specializing in the p...
Exten Multifunctional Telescopic Flag Pole & Telescoping Rod Fruit Picking Device[ 05-18 22:50 ]
Exten Multifunctional Telescopic Flag Pole & Telescoping Rod Fruit Picking Device
Cleaning Tools of Brand JOLECH VI Design[ 05-11 18:00 ]
 Hangzhou Orientjohn Industrial Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of various types of telescopic rod and matching cleaning tools, cleaning tools focused for 11 years, under other trademarks have been registered: EXTENT - Hand tools. Mainly for tel...
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