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The May 1st Labour Day Holiday[ 04-30 08:53 ]
  Tomorrow is the May 1st Labour Day holiday, People all over the country will have a little vacation.During the holidays,where will you go and play?   If you choose to go camping, I'm sure you must need our extending pole handle to help you sent up...
The One of Exten Aluminum Extending Poles[ 04-24 06:23 ]
The One of Exten Aluminum Extending Poles
The Use of The Extending Pole[ 04-23 08:50 ]
Features: made of stainless steel tube or aluminum alloy tube, poles can be scalable, lock by screw locking, extending pole head with a rubber or plastic cone, to match the besmear water filters, wiper, make these tools do not fall off.   Method of ...
A Telescopic Rod Order[ 04-20 15:22 ]
Because professional, so focused, so rest assured! Hangzhou Orientjohn Industrial Co., specializing in the production of telescopic rod for 10 years, if not false pass
Extentool Fiberglass Extendable Poles[ 04-18 03:11 ]
Introduce Extentool Fiberglass Extendable Poles
Multi-Function Extendbale Poles[ 04-16 02:10 ]
Extendable pole is a very useful product that can be widely used in different fields.Especially as Cleaning tools. Extendable poles' head with a rubber or plastic cone,can match different cleaning tools such as mop,paint rollers,window squeege ect. Extendabl...
A tale of cooperation[ 04-09 09:01 ]
There is a man dress up like a magician camed to a village, He said to the woman approaching:” I have a Shang Shi,if put it into the boiling water, Will immediately become a delicious soup, I will cook for you to drink now.”At this moment, Someone ...
The Story About Orientjohn------A Telescopic Pole Manufacturer Since 2000[ 04-08 03:46 ]
The Story About Orientjohn------A Telescopic Manufacturer Since 2000
A New Product-Robot Sweeper[ 04-02 08:28 ]
  Robot Sweeper is a kind of Intelligent household appliances, Can rely on a certain number of artificial intelligence, finishing to clean the floor in the room Automatically. It General use brushes and vacuum to  absorb the ground clutter into their...
Aluminum Detecting instrument Telescopic Pole[ 03-31 06:44 ]
Telescopic Pole For Tent Bracket[ 03-30 13:28 ]
Telescopic Pole For Tent Bracket Our strength is to help customers solve problems, on small quantity, creative telescopic rod, and you will have an unexpected effect. My quality of your creativity!
Extension Window Cleaning Tool.[ 03-20 16:46 ]
Window Cleaning With Telescoping Poles
A Nwe Brand challenge In Extentool[ 03-17 10:29 ]
A Nwe Brand challenge In Extentool
Mr John Attended an Important Meeting after Chinese NewYear[ 03-12 22:09 ]
COE Mr. John attended an Important Meeting held by ShanRen Group.   Dr. Mr. Shan made an important speech at meeting to give us many ideas and Concept, specially for an Cleaning Brand Extentool, how Extentool could be more famous brand on Internet. &nb...
Extentool Folio Water Squeeze PVA Sponge Mop[ 03-10 20:39 ]
Extentool Folio Water Squeeze PVA Sponge Mop
Our telescopic pole have a good sales situation in germany market[ 02-27 15:52 ]
Good sales situation for our telescopic pole in germany market
EXTENTOOL Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival[ 02-26 20:41 ]
 EXTENTOOL Celebrate Chinese Spring Festival from 17th. Feb to 25th.   Spring Festival is a very important holiday for Chinese which could be looked as the most important day for a person to celebrate with family.   Along with China developi...
ExtenTool’s 7.2m Telescopic Water Flow Through Brush[ 02-10 15:52 ]
ExtenTool’s 7.2m Telescopic Water Flow Through Brush
About Flow Thru brushes[ 02-06 15:26 ]
About Flow Thru brushes
Water Flow Brush[ 02-05 12:56 ]
Water Flow Brush three telescopic aluminum tube
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