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Schubert will let you Love our Aluminum Telescopic pole, Paint Roller, Paint Tray and Putty Knife[ 04-05 08:36 ]
Along with our web: www.EXTENTOOL.com online, and we have punished most of our core products Aluminum Telescopic pole, Paint Roller, Paint Tray and Putty Knife on our site. How can we let our potential customer know our products? Per internet marketing requirement, we need to put advertisement on internet and search engine optimization.
Extentool determined to implement reform in telescopic pole production workshop[ 04-04 10:15 ]
Extentool determined to carry out rectification Extentool determined to carry out some rectifications in production workshop.
To build Brand System of EXTEN[ 03-22 15:23 ]
As a core strategy of an enterprise which should be Brand Strategy, as founder of Orientjohn Co., I’m very clear with this point. As we know to build a famous brand is not easy, but there should be a way no matter how large your company is!
The first peak of Extentool in 2014[ 03-20 14:35 ]
With China's international trade development, Extentool also showed the first high peak in 2014.
Welcome Robert to be our new member[ 03-15 20:43 ]
On March 13, we are warmly welcome a senior foreign trade manager to take part in our team! He is Robert, a kind sir
New opportunity and challenge for Extentool[ 03-13 15:38 ]
According to the WTO secretariat preliminary statistics : China has become the world's first trading nations. From 1978-2013, Chinese total foreign trade volume is from 206 billion dollars to 4.16 trillion dollars.
Welcome Tony to be our new member[ 03-12 09:09 ]
On March 5, we are welcome a boy to take part in our team!  He is Tony, A boy, tall and handsome!   As we know that Tony comes from Guangxi Nanning, Before he worked in Yiwu about 4 years, and his company produce stationery but not what we make (Ex...
Congratulations for Extentool Website finally online[ 03-08 10:44 ]
Extentool is a comprehensive website displaying telescopic pole, paint brush, paint roller, and window cleaning equipment. You can contact: john@extentool.com skype:john.liu856
Using Exten Telescopic pole KO Traditional painting[ 03-06 13:49 ]
Using Exten Telescopic pole When he tell the problem to his friend, Jon recommend our Telescopic pole, this tool solved his problem immediately.
Summary in 2013[ 01-18 11:16 ]
Summary in 2013,our clients are spread over the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and worldwide with several 10 years’ efforts in the field of painting and cleaning tool industry. several telescopic pole has been highly recognized by our clients. Aluminum telescopic extension pole, steel
Poland&Turkey Hardware fair[ 01-18 11:15 ]
In December 2013, in order to open markets abroad for our goods and services more widely, we decide to take part in Poland&Turkey Hardware fair. We specially selected some Europe style telescopic pole and paint roller to prepare samples, Hoping this will be an excellent chance to get our paint
The 114th China import and export commodities fair[ 01-18 11:14 ]
In October 2013, our International sales department and Marketing department organized to take part in the 114th Session of China Import and Export Fair, we received some clients from Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and America, that was a good chance to promote our telescopic pole
Employees outdoor travel[ 01-18 10:34 ]
On May 2.2013, to reward telescopic pole producing workshop and painting brush workshop finished the first quarter producing task ahead and met customer’s emergency order delivery requirements. Our company organized all staff travel to “damingshan” scenic to relax and walk into nature's arms
Humanized service[ 01-18 10:33 ]
In March 2013, we bought several injection molding machine and associated equipment, which responsible for injection molding producing of superior telescopic pole, to ensure some high quality parts or small orders’ delivery. Also means Extentool will off...
The supply of telescopic rod advantage[ 01-18 10:25 ]
In March 2013, to meet our clients’ ever-increasing telescopic poles’ demand, we doubled the production area and adds 3 semi-automatic assembly lines, which further increased our competitive advantage on the supply of telescopic poles.
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