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Successfully developed an up-grade Mop Handle[ 11-28 22:59 ]
Successfully developed an up-grade Mop Handle Through 2months of design and developing, we have successfully developed another kind of Telescopic pole, mainly used for flat mop handle.Our Team has made a great job on Team work. Our sales manager David, our Te...
Extentool’s New Cleaning Tool---The One Of Extentool Magia Easy Mop Kit[ 11-26 23:07 ]
Extentool’s New Cleaning Tool---The One Of Extentool Magia Easy Mop Kit
A New Strategy is aimed on Mop of Cleaning Tools industry[ 11-21 22:50 ]
A New Strategy is aimed on Mop of Cleaning Tools industry To Extentool an professional telescopic pole business developing, we have gained many marketing channels around the world. The most important is we have again positioned our product to complete set of cleaning tool, here below is what we will bring to all over the world:
Full automatic intelligent robot sweeper[ 11-18 16:46 ]
If you still don't have time to clean and worry, if you are troubled family health corners, if you don't know to your beloved wife what gift, please click here.
Alibaba Give EXTENTOOL opportunity on Telescopic Pole[ 11-07 20:57 ]
Alibaba Gives new New Opportunity To EXTENTOOL on Telescopic Pole It's been 1 month since our Web was online Alibaba foreign trade platform, which give us a great progress on Marketing and advertising for our Telescopic Pole. We have got below obvious improvments:
To be a Powerful Telescopic Pole Team[ 10-30 15:25 ]
provide better and more professional service to our customers.
A new start for a Telescopic pole manufacturer on Alibaba[ 10-15 21:20 ]
Yesterday,my company built up www.extentool.en.alibaba.com , This is our other windows to all people of words. It's our pleasure to can meet more friends through our team work out. A few days ago, we cooperate with customer of Germany . This is mo...
A Good News for German Telescopic Pole Clients & ExtenTool[ 10-11 10:12 ]
A Good News for German Telescopic Pole Clients & ExtenTool
Study to be an excellent Extension pole factory[ 09-22 19:43 ]
Yesterday, Sep. 21. GM, Mr John with his team attended a study tour group to Songjiang district of Shanghai.In the tour group, there are many excellent enterprisers. And they give us a extension pole factory more advise on how we make SEO on our website www.extentool.com, through their way, so that our potential customer could find our extension pole products through Google.
Great day for Telescopic pole manufacturer[ 09-19 23:25 ]
Alibaba IPO On site! Today is a Great day for Telescopic Pole manufacturer, also it's a very important day for EXTENTOOL since we signed an cooperation agreement today with Alibaba Company whose Hold made IPO in NEW YORK! This would high...
Telescopic Pole Manufacturer’s New Market[ 09-19 17:18 ]
Telescopic Pole Manufacturer’s New Market Was Opened Online.
Telescopic pole manufacturer at China International Hardware Show 2014[ 09-17 09:53 ]
Telescopic pole manufacturer at China International Hardware Show 2014
Telescopic Pole Manufacturer’s Powerful Partner,Alibaba[ 09-12 16:03 ]
Telescopic pole manufacturer’s powerful partner---Alibaba
Telescopic pole manufacturers' e-business time already arrival[ 09-04 10:02 ]
Telescopic pole manufacturers' e-business time already arrival
More Wide Usage for Telescopic Extension Pole[ 08-28 22:10 ]
Along with the process of industrialization, people's living condition is getting better, and is more focusing on quality life, including different tooling on working and living. Let me tell breifly about more wide usage for our Telescopic Extension pole.
2014 Poland & Turkey Homelife Show[ 07-04 14:34 ]
2014 Poland & Turkey Homelife Show John and David joined in May to June,We showed Telescopic pole,Extension pole,Paint roller,Paint refill,Paint roller frame,Home clean tool,House clean tool,Window clean tool,Bus clean tool,Paint tray,Putty knife,Turner,Paint mixer,Paint brush,Window squeegee,and so on,in EXTEN set.
Final 5 days to European Show in Poland and Turkey[ 05-19 19:58 ]
There is only 5 days left to prepare for the exhibition in Poland and Turkey for our products Telescopic pole, paint roller, paint brush,paint tray and clean tools.
Strong signal of US market for Telescopic Pole[ 05-10 21:45 ]
Thanks our partner to give us this good news. And we will surely grasp this chance to expand our major business for Telescopic Pole, paint brush, paint tray and paint mixer,
Share in several tips of how to Improve Extentool SEO result[ 05-02 21:44 ]
Share in several tips of how to Improve Extentool SEO result 1, EXTENTOOL web should have more clear and brief produce desciption. 2, EXTENTOOL web should have clear picture to exibit product and its function and what advantage it can bring customers. ...
The application of the paint brush[ 01-19 10:47 ]
Polishing QingXiYe: all kinds of polishing with bristle brush. Article sisal hemp and cotton cloth wheel, cotton, wool wheel, horse hair round, bristle wheel
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