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How An iphone 6 plus serve a Telescopic Pole OEM Manufacturer,EXTENTOOL[ 09-13 20:10 ]
As a Professional Telescopic Pole OEM manufacturer, an high performance Inteligent mobile is very necessary, especial for an Internet Internationa Trade Business company as EXTENTOOL.
How many normal Telescopic Pole Locking Structure?[ 09-13 18:02 ]
This short article will tell you how many kind of Locking structure for Telescopic pole
Why we are a Professional Telescopic Pole OEM Manufacturer[ 09-06 16:58 ]
Since our Team EXTENTOOL has over 10 Years of experience in Telescopic Pole OEM manufacturing. EXTENTOOL have gatherred much experience on Cleaning Tool and paint tool usage, today we will show you how our telescopic pole used in cleaning field
How to clean telescopic pole ?[ 04-10 16:06 ]
Aluminum tube of the telescopic clean cloth dampened with gasoline or paint thinner repeatedly wipe
Why Extentool[ 03-29 07:32 ]
Besides EXTENTOOL Telescopic Pole, we also can supply you kinds of Painting and Cleaning Tool, such as Paint Roller, Paint Brush, Paint Tray, Window Squeeze, Caulking Gun, Duster, etc which can provide you one-stop purchase on Painting and Cleaning tool!
Quality,Price,Service[ 03-17 08:55 ]
Quality,Price,Service,,all the guest care about the three elements, but if we want to be a good salesman, service is the most important!
What are their main purposes of Paint Rollers?[ 02-19 14:48 ]
Different Types of Paint Rollers and their main purposes
I can't find Extentool prices mentioned on the website, where can I find them?[ 01-18 11:25 ]
We do not mention any price on our website as it is not a merchant website. To buy our products, please send inquiry to our E-mail: john@sunnypower.com.cn
What's the main function of Orientjohn EPS pole?[ 01-18 11:24 ]
Function: Painting Roller Handle, Mop&Broom Handle, Floor & Window clean handle
What's the main function of Orientjohn EPF pole?[ 01-18 11:23 ]
Function: Painting Roller Handle, Floor &Window clean handle, Pool Skimmer Handle, Snow removal tool pole, Fruit picking tool extension pole.
What's the main function of Orientjohn EPA pole?[ 01-18 11:23 ]
Function: Painting Roller Handle, Mop&Broom Handle, Floor & Window clean handle, Pool Skimmer Handle, and special Tool and Equipment support extension pole.
Can Orientjohn design new model or style per special requirement?[ 01-18 11:22 ]
Yes, we can, and we have developed many new products according to customer's Requirement, OEM/ODM products are welcome
What material For Orientjohn Pole Tube?[ 01-18 11:22 ]
Orientjohn can offer Aluminum, Steel, Fiber Glass, Stainless Steel, etc.
What Pole Size Orientjohn can make?[ 01-18 11:22 ]
1 section: 3',4',5',6' 2 sections: 1*2,2*4,3*6,4*8,6*12,8*16 3 sections: 3*9,4*12,6*18,8*24 Can meet any size Customer Prefer
What's the production area of Orientjohn?[ 01-18 11:21 ]
Our factory is more than 2000 square Meter.
Where is Orientjohn located?[ 01-18 11:20 ]
Our factory is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, one of the most developed area of China.
Who is Orientjohn and what does Orientjohn do?[ 01-18 11:19 ]
Hangzhou Orientjohn industry co., has over 10 years’ experience in the field of painting and cleaning tool industry, we can provide Product Designing\ Developing\ Production and Im&Ex. Service and Professional solution! main business is on paint telescopic pole, cleaning tool telescopic pole, paint
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