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Hot Promotional Telescopic Carbon Fiber Poles[ 11-10 08:38 ]
Telescopic Carbon Fiber Poles We can provide carbon fiber telescopic pole with different sizes and colors and surface treatment.
Window cleaning Pole Industry status[ 11-04 22:01 ]
 Window cleaning Pole Industry status Nowadays, to
Window cleaning pole which is extendable[ 11-03 11:04 ]
how to cleaning the window? window cleaning pole with brushes,your work could be awesome!
Window cleaning pole[ 11-02 16:19 ]
Window cleaning pole ,A revolutionary new way to clean inside windows without the need for chemicals, buckets or ladders.
Window Cleaning Extension Composite Poles[ 10-31 13:40 ]
Window Cleaning Extension poles replace the use of ladders and access equipment to give the operator a reach capability that is both safer and quicker when cleaning at height. quicker when cleaning at height. With quick connect end cone
Increasing Demand for Fruit Picker[ 10-29 08:43 ]
 Increasing Demand for Fruit Picker In my childish, my family planted many fruit trees in our garden, like pear, orange, 
fruit picker[ 10-27 11:44 ]
what‘s fruit picker?where would you want to use the fruit picker?
Mop Pole[ 10-25 09:17 ]
Mop Pole Function Mop pole tube Dia Mop pole taterial We can produce the products according to the customer's design or sample. Product's price will be offered after we receive your specific enquiry.
Demand growing for Fiberglass Telescopic Pole[ 10-21 22:03 ]
fiberglass telescopic pole for cleaning[ 10-20 13:17 ]
carbon fiber ? too expensive alumium pole? too normal? try some fiberglass pole for your cleaning work
Fiberglass Telescopic Pole Is a Convenient Cleaning Tool[ 10-17 13:31 ]
Fiberglass Telescopic pole information about fiberglass telescopic pole. Fiberglass Telescopic pole is a better choice because of its lighter weight and higher strength than aluminum or steel pole. Fiberglass Telescopic Pole Is a Convenient Cleaning Tool
Brazil Customer comes for Water Fed Pole[ 10-14 20:06 ]
 Brazil Customer comes for Water Fed Pole On 12th. Oct, one customer from Brazil visited our company, who found our cleaning tool especially they're very interested in our Water Fed Pole. It's our honour to welcome the first Brazil Customer to EXTENTOOL...
New brushes for water fed pole[ 10-14 09:08 ]
New products.New experience!
Introduce of water fed pole[ 10-12 13:24 ]
water fed pole use pure water cleaning reduces glass cleaning time in half and makes the jobsignificantly easier and safer. Even greater heights do not require ladders, which saves both set-up times for ladder/scaffold and costs. The water fed polesystem is very lightweight and is easy to assemble – extension poles, goosenecks and brushes can be added quickly and easily.
Water Fed Pole With Clamps Working For Solar Panel[ 10-10 12:40 ]
Water Fed Pole window cleaning poles,water fed poles for window cleaning Works well on SUV's, vans, RV's and windows.
water fed pole[ 10-10 08:36 ]
why do water fed pole brushes so popular in the developed countries?this essay will have a briefe describle of this phenomenon and will back to the root of the phenomenon
Extension Pole factory Congratulations for The National's Day[ 10-01 15:47 ]
 EXTENTOOL congratulations for The National's Day
Extension pole for house cleaning[ 09-29 15:02 ]
find extension pole for house cleaning
details of extension pole[ 09-28 15:50 ]
The extension pole can be customised ,giving you extra reach for painting higher walls or ceilings. It has a 2 part extension system with a twist and wrench lock mechanism for easy use. The pole's robust construction means it will be durable enough for any task for extended periods of time.
The Development Of The Telescopic Poles[ 09-26 14:53 ]
new product,the development of the telescopic poles.The process of making samples.
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