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What Equipment Is Needed to Clean Solar Panels?

Mar. 12, 2022

One of the factors that reduces the performance of solar panels is the presence of dust on the module glass.Performance degradation can be as low as 2% per year and in the worst case scenario up to 30% per year. Therefore, keeping solar panels continuously maintained and clean is essential to ensure optimal energy production throughout the year.


While water and cloths can simply be used for PV system cleaning, other solar panel cleaning products may provide an easier, faster and better method for this maintenance. Solar cleaning equipment, such as brushes, extensions, squeegees, robots and solutions, are well suited for this purpose. Here you will find some of the most suitable options for your PV system.


Solar panel cleaning kits

The most common of the solar panel cleaning products are cleaning kits. These kits include multiple extension poles, carrying bags, brushes, cloths, hose interconnections, and more. You will find all the tools you need to perform proper cleaning.

 Water Fed Pole Brush

Water Fed Pole Brush

Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

An essential solar panel cleaning tool is the brush for the module. Many times, solar panels are located on hard access points on the roof and are complicated to perform regular cleaning. The Solar Panel Cleaning Brush has an extension bar that allows you to effectively clean modules on the ground or roof from a safe distance using soft bristles.


The electric water fed pole brush is very useful for cleaning solar panels.


Available in 3.5m, 5.5m and 7.5m, you can choose different lengths as needed to help solve the cleaning of large, medium and small solar panels. The flip clamp locking device is very easy to extend and close. The pole length can be extended from 1.5m to 7.5m, which provides a solution for cleaning dust from a distance.

Electric Water Fed Pole Brush

 Electric Water Fed Pole Brush

Electric water fed pole brushes are available in single, double and roller brushes, and you can choose different sizes depending on the cleaning area of the solar panels. If you have a more professional application, you can choose the lithium battery version, which can last for more than 3 hours after charging. The electric version is a DC motor with 550 rpm and 120 w. The bristles are made of new nylon filament with high density and large bristle diameter for a larger cleaning area. The brush head can also be adjusted to different cleaning surfaces at an angle to improve efficiency.

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How to Clean Solar Panels

The most important consideration to remember when cleaning solar panels is that scratching or damaging the glass in any way will reduce the energy production of the panels. It is best to clean your panels the same way you clean your car.


Cleaning your solar panels: Is it necessary?

Your solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight in order to generate electricity. However, unless you live in an area where there is a lot of smoke, dust, dirt or sand around, it is usually not necessary to clean your solar panels. In most cases, occasional rain is enough to keep your solar panels clean naturally and safely, and free of debris that could reduce production.


How to clean solar panels: step by step

The first step in cleaning solar panels is to turn them off. This will help ensure your safety and keep your equipment from being damaged.

Use a soft brush to clean the surface of the solar panels of any surface debris such as dirt and dust.

Use water from the hose to remove any remaining debris. Avoid using high-pressure hoses when cleaning panels with water, as this may create cracks or damage the system.

Scrub any remaining areas that still have debris with a soft brush.

After completely cleaning the panels, monitor the output to see the difference in cleaning efficiency!

Solar Panel Cleaning Tool

 Solar Panel Cleaning Tool

When to clean solar panels by location

  • In desert climates, including the Southwest U.S., solar panels need to be cleaned more frequently due to the large amounts of dust and sand that can affect their cleanliness. 

  • Solar panels in contaminated areas near highways, factories and airports should also be cleaned more frequently to avoid residue buildup that may result from nearby heavy machinery.

  • In heavily wooded areas, solar panels should also be cleaned more frequently to prevent obstructions caused by excessive vegetation growth.

Should you remove snow from your solar panels?

Snow on solar panels usually does not need to be removed - it will usually slide off on its own. Most panel mounts are tilted at an angle and the snow will slide off naturally as it melts. If you have persistent snow on your panels, you can also invest in a tool such as a solar panel snow rake that will make it easy to safely remove snow from your solar panels. It is important not to use standard brooms, shovels or other non-professional tools to remove snow from your panels, as they can scratch the panel glass and reduce your power production.

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