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What Is Telescopic Pole Used For?

May. 16, 2022

Telescoping poles, also known as extension poles, extend the user's range of motion and allow tasks to be performed that normally would not be possible without the use of a ladder. Extension poles are often used for tasks such as cleaning, painting and trimming.


Some telescoping poles are designed with athletes in mind, sized to fit an individual's height, and compact enough to fit in a suitcase or backpack. These are used by hikers, paddlers, snowboarders, skiers and fishermen. Telescoping poles are available in different sizes and materials, but most are made of metal or fiberglass.

Applications of Aluminium Telescopic Pole

Applications of Aluminium Telescopic Pole  


Household chores

Use a telescoping pole to get chores done faster. Attaching a mop to a retractable pole can help someone reach dust in the corners of high ceilings. By using the brush on the adjustable pole to clean and then replacing the brush with a rubber squeegee to remove any soap residue, one can quickly clean windows without climbing a ladder.


Water fed pole window cleaning with nylon bristles water flow through brush and angle adjustment. The surface of the aluminum telescopic pole is anodizing in black, therefore, the telescopic pole has a good anti-corrosion effect, also it looks more textured and full of luster.


Water Fed Pole System Window Cleaning Brush


5/8mm water hose, can provide good water flow to help improve cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect. So it is popular in household window cleaning. The telescopic water-fed pole brush bristles with a height of 6cm (2 .4inch), and the telescopic pole size usually is 12/18/20/24/30/36/42/45/54/60/65 feet, we also accept customized sizes. It is a durable and very reliable extendable pole.

Tube inner wall with an anti-selection design can prevent the pole from rotating during use. The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low. A variety of quick connectors are also provided, which is more convenient and faster to use.

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The telescoping pole makes home maintenance tasks easier and less dangerous. Attaching a broom or rake to the extension pole to remove leaves, branches and other debris from the roof is easier and safer than climbing a ladder up to the roof. By attaching a saw to the extension pole to trim branches, the use of a ladder is avoided, making the job go faster.

Painters often use telescopic poles attached to paint rollers to paint ceilings, walls and siding. Telescopic poles are also often used for swimming pool maintenance. They can be used with different attachments to clean, degrease and vacuum pools of all sizes.


Telescopic Tree Pruner


Outdoor Recreation

Extension poles are often used for outdoor recreational activities. Tents and awnings are often set up with telescopic poles. Boaters who drive boats in waters that are too shallow can use push poles that can be adjusted to accommodate different depths. Fishermen can use telescopic fishing poles to access locations that may be difficult to reach.


Traditional flagpole systems with pulleys, chains and ropes used to raise and lower flags are being replaced in many locations. More user-friendly telescopic poles do the job faster and more easily. Placing birdhouses on telescopic poles is also easier to clean. Whether used for recreation or work, telescopic poles make life easier.

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