Windows/Solar Panel Cleaning Brush


Windows/Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Wholesale Solar Panel Cleaning Brush

Cleaning solar panels is easier than you think if you have the right tools, and a good telescoping pole makes it easy.

The solar panel cleaning brush can be used to clean windows, greenhouses, and solar panels. This brush requires a worker to use it and a hose is connected to the brush head and water comes out of the hose. Thanks to the water rinsing action, the brush can easily remove dirt from solar panels. The rod to which the brush head is attached is telescopic, which means it can be extended to its maximum extent, clamped there (so that it is safe), and then retracted for storage or for easier cleaning.


We sell solar panel cleaning brushes with extension poles, solar panel cleaning kits with telescopic poles designed for cleaning solar panels, and also for cleaning overhead facades, billboards, glass roofs, etc. Orientjohn Industry welcomes all custom requests because we are a manufacturer of telescopic poles.


As a professional telescopic pole manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer wholesale telescopic poles of various materials, we have been designing and manufacturing telescopic poles. We offer telescopic poles made of aluminum, fiberglass telescopic poles, carbon fiber telescopic poles or electric telescopic poles. Each material has its own advantages, making our telescopic poles perfect for a variety of jobs. More choices mean no project is left without our solution.



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