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Cleaning high rise glass safely

Sep. 18, 2022

Cleaning windows/glass is a trouble, It means that you should clean both sides.
It is safe and convenient to clean the windows in the room, but the windows outside are a dangerous thing for some families with high floors. Most people do not want to take the risk to clean the glass outside. Speaking of, it's an unbearable thing, and on the big day, a full cleaning is a very important thing.

       Cleaning high rise glass safely

Our product windows cleaning pole can be extended up to 60ft, easy to achieve high rise cleaning, if the floor is not high, you can choose aluminum pole water fed pole, easy to carry. The second is the carbon fiber pole, which can extend up to 60ft, which can easily solve the problem of high altitude, and solve the weight problem caused by the aluminum pole, and the maximum weight can reach 6kg.

   Cleaning high rise glass safely
Better still, we support water pumps. Customers who have no water source around the first floor can choose, and the problem can be solved by connecting water pipes. In addition, our water pipes can be increased according to needs, such as 6m with 7m water pipes, or 8m water pipes. It's all up to you.

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