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Wipe the Windows with An Telescopic Pole

Oct. 30, 2020

Why use an telescopic pole?

Compared with climbing or using a ladder or step stool, an extension pole will be a safer choice. Anytime your feet are flat on the floor, instead of keeping your balance at high altitude, you are cleaning in a safer way.

Telescopic poles can also save time because you don't need to climb up and down and move ladders.

There are also situations where a ladder may not be an option-for example, working in a garden.

Telescopic Pole

What is the correct length of Telescopic pole?

This is a more detailed question and some further information needs to be collected. Generally speaking, there are two important things to remember when choosing a pole:

Before considering the pole length, you can assume 4-5 feet because the person using the pole is tall.

The 1-story building is 10 feet high, regardless of the vaulted ceiling.

So, if you work in a simple 1-story house, you only need 6-foot-long pillars to accomplish your cleaning goals. The two-story house is closer to a 15-foot-high column.

Do I have to use special tools when using extension poles?

No, extension rods can be used with standard solid handle washers and scrapers.

However, when you work overhead with the rotating handle, some people can more easily manipulate the washing machine and scraper. This way you can walk around the telegraph pole without lifting the eraser brush from the window. With the right technique, this can save a lot of time, especially on larger windows.

Do you have any other questions about cleaning windows with extension rods? Please leave a message in "Contact Us" or send us an email! Or... go buy a telescopic cleaning pole now!

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