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  • Cobweb brush with extension pole

Cobweb brush with extension pole

Product Description

Household telescopic pole cobweb brush, with pp material brush head, So it can clean ceiling corner, ceiling gutter, eaves, wall dust. The surface of aluminum telescopic pole is anodizing, therefore the telescopic pole has a good anti-corrosion effect, also it looks more textured and full of luster. It is popular in household cleaning. The telescopic pole size usually is 9/12/18/20/24 feet, we also accept customized sizes. It is a durable and very reliable extendable pole. Tube wall with anti-selection design can prevent the pole from rotating during using, telescopic pole with American thread it can be quickly connected and unloaded with duster. We only need to stand on the ground and wave the dust duster in our hands to clean the ceiling and walls, which is very convenient and safe.The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.

Cobweb brush with extension poleCobweb brush with extension poleCobweb brush with extension pole

Cobweb brush with extension poleCobweb brush with extension pole

Product Features

High-cleaning, flexible, durable, extendable

Product Advantages

1, The original design of the pipe inner wall with grooves can prevent the telescopic pole from rotating during using;

2, This product is very suitable for online sales,

3, The comfortable flip cam locking device can be locked at any working height, and it is very convenient to fold and unfold.

4, We can provide a variety of customized services(color/size/attachment/package) to match your brand tone.

5, Our supply/quality is very stable, the annual output of this extension pole can reach 1 million.

6, The factory has obtained ISO9001 system certification.



Pole material: Aluminum telescopic tube

Pole Wall thickness: 0.75/1mm

Section: 2/3/4/5 Sections/custom

Color: Blue+red/custom

Other Size: 6/9/12/18/20/24ft/custom

Function: Household cleaning

Lock Type: Flip Cam Locking device

Handle: Comfortable spongy/Rubber handle/custom

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